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Brian Dailey and the team at the Dailey Law Firm are highly experienced criminal defense lawyers here in Michigan.

Click here to Text me directly about your case, or call (866) 666-5245 (866)6NO-JAIL.

Brian Dailey
Michigan Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Dailey

If you wish to meet us in our Michigan law offices, we would be happy to meet you in person. But we also offer free phone or text consultations if you need help immediately, or are out of town and unable to meet in person.

A motion to suppress based on an illegal search is where many of these cases start and are won.

We Win Festival Drug Cases

My associates and I have had a tremendous level of success at defending drug cases from music festivals, based on illegal search and other grounds.

When you call or text me, I’ll tell you about cases that I’ve beaten when the cops overstep their bounds and harass concert-goers with no legitimate suspicion other than profiling people obviously headed to the show.

Cops screw up all the time, sometimes accidentally, and sometimes on purpose. That isn’t right and it isn’t fair.

Contact us today. Text, Call or fill out this form and I’ll call you back.



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