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Legal Defense at Electric Forest

Were you arrested at Electric Forest? Whether you were busted for drug possession, distribution, assault, or disorderly conduct I can help.

My name is Brian Dailey, and I am a long time criminal defense attorney here in Michigan. I know how the system works here, and I know how to fight it. 

Music fans who freely associate with like-mind people at festivals like Electric Forest are very often unfairly targeted by local law enforcement. The process is corrupt, and police cut corners and don’t always follow their own rules or the law.

criminal defense attorney at electric forest Brian Dailey
Criminal Defense Attorney Brian Dailey

I am here to help correct that injustice. My job is to help my clients avoid a criminal record that will show up on a background check, and other serious consequences that can result from a criminal conviction.

The good news is that this is very doable in most cases of minor misdemeanor charges like drug possession, and even more serious felony incidents. There are always legal defense options.

Call me at (866) 6NO-JAIL / (866) 666-5245 or text me directly, and I will let you know exactly how I can help you. The consultation is free, so let’s talk.

My firm and I are criminal defense attorneys in Michigan. Our only job is to fight for you. And that’s what we do, in criminal courts across Michigan, from misdemeanor cases like OWI, drug possession, reckless driving, probation violations, and assault, to serious felony cases like Fraud, Bad Checks, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Robbery, Burglary, Delivery and Manufacture of Drugs, Possession of Narcotics, Gun Charges, Assault with Intent to do Great Bodily Harm, Homicide, Manslaughter, Probation and Parole Violations where your life and freedom are on the line.

I also handle Michigan Secretary of State cases like the reinstatement of driver’s license and others before the DLAD. My defense attorneys are committed to helping you. Even if you think you are guilty, and just want to plead and move on with your life, you need quality criminal defense representation to make sure you are treated fairly.

Please contact me for our free case evaluation on any criminal charge in Michigan. We can help you evaluate your options, and figure out what you can do to help yourself get out from under a serious criminal charge, a permanent criminal record for life, a driver’s license suspension that could cost you your livelihood, and more…

My team and myself personally can help you. We help people, just like yourself, who find themselves up against the Michigan criminal justice system. When you need someone who is on your side, call us. Find out what we can do for you in a free Michigan criminal defense legal consultation.

Contact our Michigan criminal defense attorneys for a free legal case evaluation on any criminal charge by calling: (866) 666-5245 Or visit for more information.

Receive our free Michigan legal defense consultation and case evaluation. We’ll explain what you are facing in plain language and tell you how we can help. 

Get quick advice from an attorney right now, with no obligation. 

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